Don’t be such a dick, Asshole!

My biggest pet peeve in all the world is mean people. Whether it’s blatant and in your face mean (i.e. Baby Daddy changing meeting times and places intentionally to make me miss another engagement) or the more passive-aggressive type of mean (i.e. Boss Lady sending the following text: “oh, so sorry you’re sick, I will rearrange my whole schedule to cover for you,”) Mean people suck.

But… but… you’re the mean lady who tells people to fuck off at the tip of the hat. Kind of, but it’s usually because those people are being mean. A comment left on a previous post of mine really inspired me tonight. What if we all just told others how we felt about them? So long as we can make a convincing argument as to why their behavior is offensive, perhaps it would do the world some good if we told each other about it.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always Plan B: