I Am So Many Things and I Come Here By Request

I took this pic from the balcony of a cruise ship. If I had a happy place, this would be it.

I took this pic from the balcony of a cruise ship. If I had a happy place, this would be it.

This post is a direct response to the Zero to Hero writing challenge.  I really do want to get good at this.

At this point, I don’t think that I will ever use my real name in a post and I haven’t come up with the perfect pseudonym yet. I am in my thirties and have a Master’s degree. I have one of the craziest (literally) jobs you have ever heard of. I have an unspecified disorder of the nervous system which may or may not turn into multiple sclerosis and it has made me approach life differently. I live with Man of the House. We are not married, and don’t plan on being married anytime soon. I have three children: Mini Me Extreme, The Shortest One, and The Boy. I consider Man of the House’s kids to be my step-children. I will refer to them as Step Kid 1 and Step Kid 2. I love them as if I have lived with them their whole lives. They are super cool little people and I am lucky that they allow me to hang out with them. Despite some extreme circumstances, I live a really great life. I am happier than I have ever been, so either things are going really great, or I’m delusional (the jury is still out). I could give so many more details, but want to save them all for future posts. I don’t think I can describe any single person or element in my world in just a few words.

I am here, literally, by request. When I share stories of my extraordinary days (all of them), people often comment that I should write a book. My rebuttal to them is that my autobiography will be shelved in the Fiction section, in response to some of my day-to-day ridiculousness (truly, check out my spiritual enlightenment a la Mouse Jesus). I think I have a pretty good story though and I am narcissistic enough to think that a lot of people can relate to elements of my story. I want the rest of the world to laugh with (or at) me. I want to tell a story of optimism and making the best out of each day. Hell, maybe this blog will be my legacy. (Please know that I am laughing at myself for being lame right now).

In all seriousness, welcome to my world. Feel free to comment or spark a discussion. Just be nice when you do so.



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