My Female Dog is Being a Bitch





Our dog is eight years old. She is intelligent, sweet, even-tempered, and everything else you would want in a dog. As the man of the house is retiring and will be home for the foreseeable future, we thought that now would be a good time to get a new puppy. We knew that we wanted them to be the same breed and also knew that we wanted another female. We spent two months getting her ready: having her meet other puppies, putting the puppy stuff out around the house, etc. It’s day two and Bitch is about to have kittens. Puppy is playful and friendly with her. She tries her best to engage Bitch in play or to snuggle up next to her while she sleeps, but the Bitch won’t have it. When the Puppy comes into the room, Bitch walks out. When Puppy gets snuggly, Bitch stands up. Even when we try to structure play between them, Bitch puts up with it only for as long as she thinks she has to. We’ve been so careful about making sure that Bitch knows she’s dominant and she’s been spoiled rotten over the past 48 hours with extra attention, treats, and privileges. Worst of all, when I consult the Google-machine, almost all answers come back the same; ‘you’re screwed.” So… what do I do? How can I create harmony for both Bitch and Puppy?


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